Meet peanut

My love of providing sanctuary and safety to those in need has drawn me toward this cutie named Peanut. We called each other that morning and both planned to wear black and white 😉

Learn More: Details on Peanut’s home to be provided in time


Proud vegan

Life in the Vegan Lane is simpler than you might think in a city like Chicago, and increasingly around the world! Ask me why I am passionate about the food I feed myself, my loved ones, and my friends.

Learn More: My favorite brands and grocery company philosophies to come


Traveling with love

When I am in the city, you can find me cuddled with my rescue cat. When I am traveling, you can find me meandering in fields with some gentle giants, like this excursion in Norway.

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holy cow,

Animals are G.O.A.T.

Have you herd? The sooner we take steps to care for the animals in our world and make choices to champion their safety, the safer we all may be. My hope for the future is to open a farm sanctuaty where I can take all that I believe and make it a reality. That’s #goals for me. <3

so what now?

Not sure where this page will go but putting my goal out there is a good first step for me.

Let’s get the word out about living a kind and clean life!